Horse Facilities

Equine related Facilities Project, Discovery, supervision, counseling, consultancy and contracting services are provided through 34 years of knowledge and experience in their fields.

Equine first begins with the capture of the horses living standards. They are emotional, social and interact with the outside world are living. At yetiştiriclig in a long journey from that point until the racing will always need to be born and structures need to be created. The accumulation of information on this subject and enough experience unattainable without success. One thing to note;
"Horse Breeding Starts with art"

Architect Vedat EKER

vedat eker

Architect Vedat Eker contact information:

Address:Osmaniye Mahallesi Beyazevler Sitesi A-2 blok D:19 Bakırköy/İSTANBUL

Phone:0 532 457 78 38

Fax:0212 571 45 71


“Horse racing is a social need for

modern societies.”


The first step of horsebreeding is to create an environment which is no less then a horse’s life standarts. Horses are emotional and also they interact with the world around them. There will be always a need for construction in this long journey, which starts with horse breeding and finalizes with racing. In this topic success is not an option without knowledge and experience. One thing to remember:
“Horse breeding begins with art.”

Vedat EKER – Architect.